SmashWords Summer Sale!

It's that time again! SmashWords is holding their July Summer/Winter Sale, and the Saga is participating. All this month, you can purchase the Guardians Saga for 50% off the usual price at That's a mere $0.99 per book, or just under four dollars for the entire series.

So pop over to SmashWords and pick up some new reading material! Don't forget to use the coupon code, SSW50, for your 50% discount!

The Guardians have Invaded the Kindle

For the first time, the entire Guardians Saga is now available for purchase and download on the Amazon Kindle. I know it's been suspiciously absent from the most popular E-reader on the market for the past few years, but that has now been corrected. If you're the proud owner of a Kindle, and have felt deprived and neglected, now's your chance to correct that. Pick up Guardians of Xen and the rest of the series at!

Fugitives of Xen

After three years, the Guardians Saga is finally complete. As of about an hour ago, the fourth and final chapter, Fugitives of Xen, is now available for purchase on Smashwords, and will soon ship out to the Nook, Apple, Kobo, and Diesel stores.

Though the war with the Empire has ended, something far greater threatens our heroes. Only the Guardians might be strong enough to stop this new menace, but first they'll have to stay alive. In the end, only the strong will survive, and even they will be forever changed by what is to come. Head over to Smashwords and pick up your copy of Fugitives of Xen!

Guardians on Sale - Read an Ebook Week

I know it's been a while since I've posted an update here, but rest assured the Saga isn't over yet. The fourth and final chapter is nearing completion, and in the meantime, I have other happy news. is having their annual "Read an Ebook Week" sale! From March 4th through 10th, you can get the entire Guardians Saga for 50% off. That's only $0.99 each!

So if you want them on your Nook, Kindle, iPad, or Android tablet, now's the time!

Guardians of Xen
Sentinels of Xen
Renegades of Xen

And stay tuned for updates on book four: Fugitives of Xen!

Mages in the AppleVerse

Those of you with iPhones, iPods, and iPads can rejoice, because Renegades has made it to the Apple iTunes store! That takes care of distribution for now, at least until the Kindle store figures out how to play nice with SmashWords. In the meantime, you keep reading, and I'll keep working on the fourth and final book in the series, Fugitives of Xen.

Now available for the Nook

I just got word from one of my readers (Thanks, Marc) that Renegades of Xen has now made it to the Barnes and Noble e-book store, so you can now find it on your Nook! No word yet on the Apple store, though I expect it to show up there any day now.

Fire one! Fire two!

Renegades has begun to ship to the e-reader vendors. If they follow their usual schedules for processing new arrivals, it should appear in the iTunes store sometime next week, and in the Barnes & Noble e-book store the following week. SmashWords doesn't yet support the Kindle store (Maybe in September, they say), but if I get enough requests from readers, I could potentially add the series there myself.

It's coming, It's coming...

Just a quick update... There's been a bit of a delay in getting Renegades out to the various E-reader stores (Apple, B&N, Kobo, Diesel, etc), but rest assured, it will happen. I had to overcome a few formatting issues to pass the approval process and be included in the "premium" catalog. Meanwhile, though, I'm hard at work on the fourth and final book in the series. Keep an eye on this feed, and I'll let you know when something changes.

50% off Renegades

Time's running out on the 50% off coupon. Just purchase Renegades of Xen from in the next few days, and enter coupon code 'WR32R' for some quick savings. And for those of you reading this on Goodreads or directly on, remember to 'Like' the saga on Facebook!

Amazon, SmashWords, and Renegades, oh my!

People have asked me how to get the Guardians Saga onto their Kindles. Well, my E-book publisher, SmashWords, isn't yet able to put titles directly into the Kindle store, but that shouldn't stop you. If you purchase the e-books directly from SmashWords, you can download them in Kindle format. Now, I don't personally have an e-reader (Too busy writing to read that much!), but I'm pretty sure there's a way to transfer books directly from your computer.

Speaking of SmashWords, it seems I picked a bad time to release Renegades, as their site has been ridiculously slow for the past few days. There's nothing I can do at this point, but if they don't manage to fix it soon, I'll extend the 50% off coupon another week, so everyone has a chance to get their copy.

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