Name That Book!

Though it's only been a couple months since Sentinels of Xen was released, I'm not taking any breaks. Book Three is coming along nicely, and though I'm not yet ready to promise a release date, I thought you would enjoy a brief teaser...

“Identify yourselves! Now!” The soldier seemed to have a limited vocabulary.

“I am Sentinel Rikket of Xyn! Now if you're going to shoot me, you better do it quickly, because if you don't get out of our way, I'm going to throw you all into a portal, and let you float through Trans-D until you die of thirst!” The brief silence following his ultimatum was quite satisfying.

“If you're really Rikket,” the soldier slowly deduced, “Then you can't hurt us anyway.” Clever, but not clever enough.

“Trust me. It doesn't hurt a bit.”

Sometimes, having the magic was just as effective as using it...

Stay tuned for more news on the third book in the Guardians Saga... Renegades of Xen.