About the Author

Ian Shlasko is a native of Rockland County, New York. Though indoctrinated into the world of computer programming at a frighteningly-young age, he still became an avid fan of science fiction and fantasy literature and media.

The character of "Xentor" was originally created when he discovered Freeform Role-Playing on an internet chat network in the early-to-mid '90s, and the rest of the cast grew from an ever-expanding web of stories. Some of those stories were loosely-translated and rearranged to form the basis of Guardians of Xen, and some have yet to be used.

Complete stories aren't written overnight, though. It was a number of years before the first word of the novel was written, and as many more before the final chapter hit the page in the summer of 2008.

Currently, Ian is living in New York City, working as a software developer. He enjoys mind-twisting movies, unusual computer games, and overly-complex sci-fi/fantasy TV series.