Renegades of Xen, now available!

Ladies and gentlemen, Myconians and Vaht'sen, races of all shapes, sizes, and chemical compositions... Today I announce the arrival of the third installment of the Guardians Saga!

Renegades of Xen is now available in E-book format from SmashWords, and should appear in the Apple, B&N, Kobo, and Diesel stores in the next few weeks. Like the other two books, I've priced it at a reasonable $1.99, but if you grab it in the next week and use the coupon code 'WR32R', you can knock that down to $0.99. Just a little something for my loyal fans.

Note that Renegades will not be released in paperback. Self-publishing is nice, but there just aren't enough people willing to spend seventeen dollars on a paperback novel. If any publishing houses want to help release the saga at mass-market prices, they're welcome to contact me.

Until then, grab your Kindles and your Nooks, because the adventures of the Guardians continue!