Renegades of Xen, now available!

Ladies and gentlemen, Myconians and Vaht'sen, races of all shapes, sizes, and chemical compositions... Today I announce the arrival of the third installment of the Guardians Saga!

Renegades of Xen is now available in E-book format from SmashWords, and should appear in the Apple, B&N, Kobo, and Diesel stores in the next few weeks. Like the other two books, I've priced it at a reasonable $1.99, but if you grab it in the next week and use the coupon code 'WR32R', you can knock that down to $0.99. Just a little something for my loyal fans.

Note that Renegades will not be released in paperback. Self-publishing is nice, but there just aren't enough people willing to spend seventeen dollars on a paperback novel. If any publishing houses want to help release the saga at mass-market prices, they're welcome to contact me.

Until then, grab your Kindles and your Nooks, because the adventures of the Guardians continue!

The Time Has Come...

...for another news update! No, it's a bit more substantial than that. Sentinels of Xen was released more than a year ago, and I never intended to wait that long between novels. I had my reasons for delaying this long, but that delay is about to end.

That's right... Coming very soon, the third of this four-book series... Renegades of Xen!

E-Books now $1.99 each

Good news for those of you who have made the jump to E-Books... The Guardians Saga has, in this form, been dropped from $5.99 each down to $1.99 each. This price is already in effect on BookLocker and SmashWords, and should soon carry through to elsewhere.

Why, you may ask? Well, it seems a lot of companies have decided that people should have to pay the same for an E-Book as they do for a paperback, even though the reproduction and distribution costs are almost zero. That doesn't seem fair to me, so now that my publisher has decided to allow a lower minimum, I'm passing that right on to you.

In other news, the Guardians Saga E-Books are now available via Diesel E-Books, in addition to my existing channels (SmashWords, Barnes & Nobles, Kobo, and the Apple store).

Name That Book!

Though it's only been a couple months since Sentinels of Xen was released, I'm not taking any breaks. Book Three is coming along nicely, and though I'm not yet ready to promise a release date, I thought you would enjoy a brief teaser...

“Identify yourselves! Now!” The soldier seemed to have a limited vocabulary.

“I am Sentinel Rikket of Xyn! Now if you're going to shoot me, you better do it quickly, because if you don't get out of our way, I'm going to throw you all into a portal, and let you float through Trans-D until you die of thirst!” The brief silence following his ultimatum was quite satisfying.

“If you're really Rikket,” the soldier slowly deduced, “Then you can't hurt us anyway.” Clever, but not clever enough.

“Trust me. It doesn't hurt a bit.”

Sometimes, having the magic was just as effective as using it...

Stay tuned for more news on the third book in the Guardians Saga... Renegades of Xen.

Guardians of... Facebook?

No, I'll let someone else write a book with that title. You can probably guess what comes next, though. The Guardians Saga now has its own Facebook page!

Those of you reading this on Facebook itself (Posts on Serpentooth are syndicated to the saga's Facebook wall) will not find this the least bit surprising, but the rest of you are welcome to pop over there and "Like" it to help spread the word.

In other news, I'm hard at work on Book 3. Not going to promise a date yet, but I'm aiming for early next year.

Sentinels of Xen is here!

Mere months after the end of Guardians, new enemies are already emerging, threatening to sink the Frame into chaos, or perhaps impose their own brand of order. The Sentinels may be powerful, but it will take more than just magic to stand up to this threat.

Follow old characters and new ones as they deal with life and death, love and loss, pain and prophecy. The Guardians saga continues with Sentinels of Xen, now available for purchase from BookLocker, and coming soon to major online retailers!

In other news, Guardians of Xen is now available in several new electronic formats, courtesy of SmashWords. Look for it soon on the Kindle, Nook, and other e-Readers.

Sentinels of Xen, coming in 2010

Allow me to make the first official announcement of the sequel to Guardians of Xen. The story is far from over, and many of the familiar characters will be returning. A new war is brewing, new forces are at work in the Frame, and the answer to both may come from the most unlikely of sources.

The First Stolen Copy

Here's an odd, but true, story...

When Guardians of Xen first came out, I sent a number of free copies to certain friends and family members. Apparently one of them didn't make it through.

That particular friend inconveniently moved a day after I put the package in the mail, and didn't leave a forwarding address. After a while, the package came back to me, stamped with delivery failure notifications and such.

Now, that part was expected. Now we get to the interesting part. I noticed the package had been resealed with packing tape. I didn't think anything of it, since I figured the original seal was just weak and needed to be reinforced.

Then I opened the package. Surprise, surprise. I expected to find a copy of my novel, but I instead found a stack of 4x8 paper, three-hole-punched as if it was taken out of a manual... Or several.

Looking at some of the pages, I saw diagrams of aircraft landing gear. What? Technical diagrams! After thumbing through the stack (Which weighs about the same as the book), I found a title:

Technical Manual
Daily Maintenance Requirements Cards
Model E-6B Aircraft

Now that's frightening. I looked up the E-6B on wikipedia, and it's a military command and control aircraft, the kind NORAD would use if their land site was blown away. Someone actually stole my novel and replaced it with a stack of possibly-classified military documents. About ten of these manuals, give or take.

Congratulations to the Winners

Well, the giveaway on is over. Almost five hundred people entered to win one of free copies (Well, 489 people), but only three people could win.

So, congratulations to the three winners (Whose names I'm not allowed to publicize). Watch your mailboxes and expect to receive your copies sometime next week!

On a related note, this news feed is now syndicated on my "Author Blog" at Goodreads. Those reading it there can find the original at

Giveaway on, a social networking site aimed at avid readers and authors, is hosting a giveaway of three copies of Guardians of Xen. At time of writing, seventy-six people have already entered, but it's not too late to enter the drawing.

For more information, visit the giveaway on Hurry, because it ends on August 26th!

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