Guardians of Xen is up for sale!

The time has come! Guardians of Xen is now available for purchase directly from my publisher! Amazon, Barnes & Nobles Online, and other internet retailers should start displaying it over the next few weeks as they update their listings from Ingram.

You can either order the paperback (It's Trade Paperback, which is larger than the usual paperback size, but smaller than a hardcover), or buy and download it in Acrobat PDF format, which should work on computers and most readers.


Guardians of Xen is almost here!

Nearly a year after the last word was written, my first novel will soon be in print! I have to say, the feeling of holding a published copy of my own story, the very first copy no less, is almost as euphoric as when I wrote "The End" back in August (And promptly deleted it, because it really doesn't look very professional).

I'd like to thank Angela and Richard Hoy at for their help in publishing it, and Todd Engel for the beautiful cover design. This is really a dream come true!

Stay tuned, as there will be purchase links on this site as soon as it goes up for sale.

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